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What an inspiring talk! We were very fortunate recently to have Ray attend our local Rotary Club Lunch and give us a talk on his coming to terms with being a Quad Amputee and his endeavours to help with the rehabilitation of others with limb impairments.

He is an incredible person and we feel honoured and humbled to have had the opportunity to meet Ray and listen to his stories. He made the room buzz with sadness and laughter at the same time, as he shared incidents of his life, his work with other amputee’s and his aspirations for the future.

His story is amazing, but more so his ability to impress upon us, in a very light hearted way, the insight into how someone with serious limb impairment can do and achieve such incredible things. At no time did we feel conscious of his disabilities. In fact he gave an impressive and interesting talk leaving us with no doubt as to what can be achieved by determination and mentoring. Ray is an inspirational speaker with the ability to keep an audience latched on to every single word We were enthralled, totally entertained and engaged.

Thank you Ray Edwards MBE. We wish you every success with your projects for the future Rotary Club of Wokingham


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If I can give just a fraction of Inspiration to others to achieve their goals, I am the one who will be truly Inspired. Ray Edwards MBE.