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In The Beginning

Since leaving school in 1970, life has certainly given me obstacles to overcome.

My father ran his own construction company, so consequently I had a construction background from a very early age. I was trained as an apprentice, learning how to build, and became a manager in my father’s company, coming up through the ranks and learning my trade the hard way.

In 1980, I was told that I had Hodgkin’s disease - cancer of the lymph glands, which I managed to beat after radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Life was great again, but it changed completely in 1987 when I contracted septicemia which led to me losing my four limbs - legs below the knee, one arm through the elbow and the other 100mm below the elbow. The amputations were carried out at Hammersmith Hospital on Friday 13th March, which is superstitious for many of us. I just felt like giving up and lost the will to live, but I kept thinking of my twins Michael and Diana who were only 9 months old, so I had to fight for them and luckily won the battle. I now look at Friday 13th as the day I was saved.


Coming To Terms

Coming to terms with this is like being in a war zone and being blown up. The future looked bleak, especially when my kidneys failed. Losing four limbs and being on dialysis was too much and all I wanted to do was give up. My kidneys eventually came back to full production and that was a miracle.

I was transferred to Queen Mary’s Hospital, Roehampton, London, to the Douglas Bader Unit. As a quad amputee, life looked daunting but I was willing to give it a chance and see what the professionals could do for me. In the back of my mind, I wondered if I would ever return to the construction business or even drive, but my main concern was to get home to my family. After weeks of encouragement from the Doctors and staff and sheer determination on my part, I was able to walk again and use my new upper limbs, albeit ‘Robotically’ - it was a start.

At last, I was able to have my first home visit, which became very emotional and I was aware my life and surroundings would have to change. I realised that my home would have to be modified to allow me to live there. I searched in vain, but was unable to locate a specialist contractor that could help me achieve the modifications that I needed. So I was forced into carrying out the work myself and hence a new chapter bega


What Next For Ray?

I formed Access Consultants, a unique company offering advice and help for disabled people and the elderly in modifying and adapting properties and homes with empathy not sympathy, because it is the only company whose Managing Director is a quad amputee. Who better than a person with a disability helping another? We offer advice and assessment, to not only the disabled person but also the entire family, their partners and/or careers.

Aesthetic design is crucial when creating a harmonious environment and not a clinical home. We modify and adapt properties to suit the individual’s requirements, as we are all different and have different needs - from grab rails to building an extension or new home...... Then in October 2005, I suffered a heart attack that shocked me more than ever, as I felt that ‘my engine’ was on the way out and I felt I had so much to give and still do. Fortunately, I am a fighter and with the fantastic medical staff at Atkinson Morley, Tooting, London, where I went through various invasive surgical procedures, I am now fit and raring to go.

Between 2006 and 2010, I was appointed Acting Chief Executive to a charity based in London, helping and advising amputees in the UK. In November 2007, I was awarded ‘The Douglas Bader Inspiration Award’ that I am very proud of.


Where Is Ray Now?

I formed ‘Ray Inspires’, my way of inspiring people through motivational and inspirational speaking. In April 2010 I set up Limbcare Limited a company that is now a charity that aims to help and support limb impaired people all over the world.

This has been a vision of mine since I became an amputee in 1987 and has made me more determined than ever to give something back to society, especially to disabled people and to offer hope and inspiration through the knowledge I have gained with my own disability. Limbcare’s Mission statement says ‘Creating greater independence for all amputees and limb impaired people and helping individuals improve their quality of life, offering empathy not sympathy’. That is my aim along with devoting my life to helping others. I know I have a unique opportunity to offer empathy and inspiration to all.

On September 9th 2010 I along with 23 others of which 3 were amputees attempted to climb Kilimanjaro , but on day 6 at 4500metres I suffered with a severe chest infection and was told I had to be rescued , but I am very proud to have reached so far and raised awareness and hope for all amputees.

On January 1st 2011 my life completely changed as I received notification in the national press that I have been awarded an MBE in Her Majesty’s New Years Honors List. It is very humbling and I am so proud and I believe it is a great gift to be able to help other disabled people.

Life could not be better.


Who Are Limbcare?

We are a charity offering hope, advice and peer support to the limb impaired and those affected around them.

We are a charity offering hope, advice and peer support to the limb impaired and those affected around them.

We are a charity offering hope, advice and peer support to amputee/limb impaired individuals, communities, families and others impacted around them. We are in the process of raising funds with the intent of developing a contact centre, enabling independence, help and support. We also envisage the centre will increase the charity's profile with companies and trusts who may offer further corporate financial assistance. We are currently collating resources to assist the wellbeing of limb impaired people and regularly meet with local voluntary service agencies to broaden horizons within NHS Trusts, enhancing ways in which vital information may be accessed by those searching for it. We are here for you, and our team are ready to answer your telephone or email inquiries.

Limbcare has access to a vast amount of experience with the added bonus that all of the Limbcare officers are amputees, in fact our chairman and founder Ray Edwards MBE a quad amputee since 1987. Membership is not required; all information/advice is offered freely and available to anyone who wishes to learn more about life as an amputee/limb impaired person and the life opportunities available. If you would like to be part of this unique charity please become a supporter by offering to hold a Fundraising event or by giving a donation.


I'm Still Standing!

Ray has launched his new book "I'm Still Standing" an inspirational story from Ray's beginnings to where he his today living as a quad amputee. It is a much read story, so to get your copy, please click here to purchase direct from Amazon. Where it is a number one best seller!


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