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My next inspirational talking is coming soon. Once the date is confirmed and tickets are available the counter will start ticking. So don't forget to get your tickets early to avoid disappointment.

Who Has Ray Inspired?

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Who else can Ray Inspire?
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If you are considering event, function or corporate meeting planned ahead and you would like to Inspire your colleagues, employees, pupils or friends to achieve more. Who better than a quad amputee that has climbed Kilimanjaro, flown a plane, rides a motorcycle, acted on a prime time TV program and has inspired 100's by his achievements to be your guest speaker? oh did we mention he has also been awarded an MBE for his considerable efforts in being an inspiration to all amputees and the limb impaired!

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Recent Accomplishments

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Ray's Charity Limbcare

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    Sept 2015

    We are a charity offering hope, advice and peer support to amputee/limb impaired individuals, communities, families and others impacted around them. We are in the process of raising funds with the intent of developing a contact centre, enabling independence, help and support.

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From Those Inspired!

Just some of the feedback from those touched by Ray.

WOW An ‘inspirational speaker’ at our High School Graduation for our senior class.
Amazing What an inspiring talk!
Get him Booked. All that Ray has been through, and he is still smiling, Infectious!
  • Many Thanks Limbcare
  • Many Thanks KUDOS
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If I can give just a fraction of Inspiration to others to achieve their goals, I am the one who will be truly Inspired. Ray Edwards MBE.